Monday, August 31, 2009

Didn't lose that 20 pounds over the summer like you'd planned?

I'm so with you, sister! I can't tell you how frustrating it is to see the same number on the scale I started with on June 1. I ran into my girlfriend Toni a month ago--we'd worked together in radio about 14 years ago--and the woman has turned into a shadow of her former self! Toni lost 45 pounds 4 years ago, but more importantly, kept it off. So, she sent me to her people who helped her lose the 45 pounds. I started Total Trans4m 20 days ago and have lost 7 pounds already! The main ingredient is Phaseolamin, which is an extract from the white kidney bean. It essentially acts as a fat and starch blocker, and an appetite suppressant. My first thought was that it wasn't working because I wasn't all buzzed out and jittery the way one usually is on diet stuff. It's drug and stimulant-free, and it's WORKING! Frankly, I'm still more interested in the fact that you can keep the weight off after stopping the stuff. If you want to join me, the girls over at Total Transf4m are offering a deal: 50% off if you mention "Erin" when you order. A month's supply is usually $80.00, but you can get it for only $40.00! That's just a little over a dollar a day! Any of the girls who answer the phone are using the product or already lost their weight on Total Transf4m, so they can answer all of your questions. You can check out the website at keyword "diet." Give 'em a call at 888.315.3779 to order and ask questions. They're very nice and won't torture you with a hard sell. If enough of us order, it would be fun to do this together, and I'll come up with some cool rewards for weight loss. Let me know what you think!

$50.00 gift card to The Limited

Forget the kids, when's the last time YOU had something new? We're giving out a $50.00 gift card to The Limited on September first, just drop your name into the "shoutbox" comment feature to your right. It's easier for everyone (notably, ME) if you add yourself as a Follower. It takes two minutes--I've timed it--and it makes it easier for me to contact you when you win. Good luck!

A note from my girl over at the Coupon Project...

"Thanks so much for referring to my post! You know what outrages me just as much as increased prices? Food shrinkage! I was a little bummed that all five boxes of my cereal could fit into ONE Safeway plastic bag!! AYE.Check out my Albertsons deals, too. You can score Post cereal for $0.50 each through Tuesday, too. These are both terrific stock-up deals. Since I started couponing, I realize that I won't spend more than $1 per box. You can easily do this by paying attention to store sales and using good ol' coupons!!" Check her out:

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Free-bee box o' Fruitabu!

Just sign up to join the Fruitabu Fruit Squad...Hee hee hee...why does that crack me up? Anyway, join and get a free box of Fruitabu!

The Maine problem with Staycations. A rare post from Todd!

These turbulent financial times mean that we, too, are staying close to home. We're doing a lot of cool things that we might have overlooked in years past. We've been to Red Butte Gardens concerts...the Museum of Natural History...more Farmer's Market visits, etc.

But, what is REALLY harshing my mellow this summer, is the fact that we are not going back to Maine. My family has a cottage on a lake there, that I've been going to since I was 12. The trips have always been more like a military exercise with the twins--the flights, the rental cars, and such. The cottage is small and the lack of privacy prevents most efforts at romance. But, it's the reality of standing on the dock--the familiar humidity, the smell of the sweet ferns and pines--that sets me at rest. Our sons love it so much because it's breakfast, followed by a full out run off the dock and into the lake. (It's the same after every meal.)

Then there's the simple joy I get from showing Erin my old stomping grounds, like a hidden light house on the coast, protruding from some barnacle-encrusted rocks in the stormy Atlantic. Or, introducing her to the descendants of the loons on the lake that I knew from my childhood. Maybe it's the taste of the winter green growing on the forest all makes me feel proud to share it with her. (Erin also likes the fact that the state is crawling with lobsters. And I mean that literally.)

On every trip, I will find myself alone at some point in a canoe...floating in a pond surrounded by pines and sugar maples. The air is still. The water, calm, and covered with lily pads in bloom. Dragonflies perch on the fragrant petals. The fishing rod in my hands is at rest, as I have one of those moments that tells you: I remember this. I understand this, and I could not be happier than being here--right now.

The boys and Erin will miss Maine, but we keep the family activities fun, so they're having a great summer, like I am.

So, on this year of "staycations" I have much enjoyed the task of walking my older brother Scott through the adventures of learning to fish those lily-covered ponds, via long-distance charges. Which is a little like telling somone how to make love while you're serving a life sentence at Point of the Mountain. Scott's joy gives me great satisfaction and his pictures bring me closer to him and my memories of Maine.

There will be more trips to Maine, and I look forward to them already. We all have those places, near or far. And we should never give up the passion of the thoughts and feelings that draw us there.


Still hunting down school supply deals?

Hip 2 Save has a great roundup from all the Big Guns on school supplies. We have one magical strip mall here where I can nip back and forth and get 'em all within a 2 block zone. Yeah, high-density retail space!

If you're shopping at Target today...'s a perfect excuse to pick up some ice cream. You're making money! Get a $5 Target Gift Card when you buy 5 of the following products:Edy's Ice Cream (1.5 qt) $2.50Häagen-Dazs (14 oz) $2.50Nestlé Drumstick treats (4 ct) $2.50
Sneaky inside tip: Target's one of those rare stores when you can pair manufactuer's coupons with in-store deals. Hip2Save has a good tutorial on how to do it correctly and save yourself some hassle.

If you DO get the KMart double coupons, these could be free...

Select Mead binders are on sale for $3.00 at K Mart. Here's a $2.00 coupon:

Fight back at insane cereal prices!

"The Coupon Project" has a wonderful series of cereal coupons you can use at Safeway through the 31st (Monday.) Cereal prices have always outraged me since The Todd and I took a tour of a cereal plant when we were doing on-air endorsements for a particular brand. They cost SO little to make, and yet they're $5.00 a box! Outrageous! Anyway, stop by her blog to snap up some coupons and beat The Man at his own game.

Fellow Book Fiends, this is for you!

More Borders printable coupons available only through TODAY. The one that really stood out to me was the $5 off 2 kids books. Remember, you must be a Rewards member to redeem these. If you're not, no worries. It's free and easy to join.
Here are the coupons available:
$10 off 1 harcover book $35 or more
$10 off 1 computer book
$5 off 1 biography or history book, 1 CD over $10, 1 DVD over $10, 1 backpack, messenger bag or tote (YES, this is ONE coupon. Geesh, guys, make up your minds!)
$5 off 2 kids book
$2 off 1 fiction book
FREE buy a bag of coffee, get a small beverage

Free-Bee shipping at LL Bean!

L.L. Bean is currently offering free shipping on all orders with code 3011901. Sneaky inside tip: take a look at their sales and clearance section. I found some beautiful boy's sweaters and shoes--two pair of shoes and three sweaters cost me $32.00!

The Famous Dave's guys are at it again...

...celebrating their 15th anniversary with an amusing promotion: a free entree for anyone named Dave TODAY ONLY, Aug. 30th. You can have any version of the name (Dave, David or Davey). Maximum value of $15 for entree, ID required. If your middle name is Dave, David or Davey then you can get an entree for 1/2 price (maximum value of $7.50). Good on dine in or to go orders. Go here for details. Other specials they are running to celebrate their 15 year anniversary are: Buck-A-Bone, in which guests can add St. Louis-style ribs for $1 per bone to any $5 purchase (with a limit of six bones per person).

More free-bee goodies from Bath & Bodyworks

A free-bee lip item (up to a $7.50 value) with any purchase.

$5.00 off Zantac!

But if you shop in a cunning and clever fashion, this will be FREE Zantac. I've noticed Walmart selling this for $4.99. Which with your $5.00 coupon would make it a free-bee. Have at it.

$10.00 Mall Card!

Still have back to school shopping to do? Sign up to receive a FREE $10 Gift Card from ShopSmartLookFab to select shopping malls!

You will enter in your information and then you will receive a confirmation email from the company. You will then need to bring that email to the Shop Smart Zone in your mall to receive your $10 gift card. The catch is that you can only do this on a few dates - September 17 & 18th between 10am and closing and Sept 19th between 10am and 3pm.

2 Free-Bee Issues of "Oprah" magazine...

If you already have a subscription, this will be added onto the end:

More lunchbox snacks...

Eat Better America is offering gift certificates for Nature Valley Nut Clusters when you join their email club--

"All You" magazine deal

I gotta be honest...I've seen some of the greatest budget blogger girls praise this magazine to the skies, but I didn't know what the fuss what about until I picked up a copy. It's chock-full of coupons--if you're the organized type, you'll have them neatly sorted in your alphabatized binder. I will be scrambling under my car seat trying to find the magazine to rip a couple out each time I hit the store. Whatever method you use, it's worth it! has an offer good through TOMORROW ONLY to buy a year's subscription for $15.00.

Sneaky inside tip: If you've been lusting after some of the magazine deals you've seen listed here from, be aware that they all expire on September first.

TGI Fridays has a great new deal...

...a BOGO free entree offer! For the nights when even operating the microwave seems too taxing, this would be a great fallback. Print your coupons here:

New coupons on!

I have to try this just because the name cracks me up. It's Maybelline "Vibrating" Mascara. Make you you refresh and click the coupon twice, which is a lovely little feature on

Sneaky inside tip: if you've already printed off the milk, cheese and yogurt coupons, they re-set BEFORE the end of the month, so you caould snag some more before they re-set again for September. Give it a shot!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Hey, Hey, HEY! It's not your birthday!

It required moving out of Utah and working in radio elsewhere for a decade to realize that we in the Mountain West are a collective group of gropers.

Not in a really bad way--usually--but I still remember moving back from Virginia and getting trapped in a headlock of a hug almost immediately. And that was from a gas station attendant. I got back into the grope-ey kind of mode and was fine with it until I had the twins. Every mother will agree with me here. Your children paw at you. They hang on you. They head-butt you and split your lip with all the fond affection of a professional wrestler. And you let them.

But the continued mauling from my Zachie and MacLean has made me much less willing to let anyone else touch me. I realized this yesterday when I was filming a commercial for something called "Nutriflakes" (all I can tell you is that it has 53 essential vitamins and minerals, that's the only thing I can remember from the script.) The director took one look at me and hissed to the makeup artist, "trowel on the concealer!" He then jabbed at a couple of wrinkles around my eyes and said, "what about THESE?" with the same tone you'd use on a bag of chicken that went bad in the bottom drawer of the fridge. They discussed the distressing issue of my Sharpei-like countenance as she shoved me into the makeup chair and had at it.

I usually ignore this part...but there was something about the way she was jabbing the mascara wand that made me wonder I was going to keep the vision in my left eye. I finally seized it away and with a big, fake smile said, "I can do this and save you some time!" I got through wardrobe and onto the set where the sound guy promptly shoved his hand down my bra. "Hey, hey, HEY!" I slapped his hand, "back off! It's not your birthday!"

Exasperated sigh--"I'm TRYING to position your body mike."

"I know that!" I hissed, "I'll do it myself!"

This immediately showed the crew what a RUBE I am. Every cool, with-it tv person lets staff swarm over them like bees, picking, tucking, nipping and clipping. I then reared back like a startled horse when the director came at me to kiss me on the lips. Lip-kissing is another big tv thing. The Todd is pretty much the only person I like to kiss my mouth...which is also unfashionable because two of the girls on set tried to lip kiss me goodbye, too. The security guard went to hug me on the way out.

I was wiping off the worst of the foundation/blush/silly putty mixture when The Todd came home. "How did it go?" he asked, leaning in for a kiss. I'm pretty sure I looked like a King Cobra ready to go after a mongoose. "Don't TOUCH me!" I shrieked. "Back off, Mr. Roaming Hands and Rushing Fingers!" (Editor's note: that was a reflex shriek from something they made us practice in Young Ladies Club, where if a gentleman made an untorward advance, we were supposed to tartly reply, "You've got Russian Hands and Roman Fingers, and I don't like foreigners!" Miss Delores will be delighted to know that her efforts were not in vain, particularly since I spent most of my time in Young Ladies sniggering at words like "untorward.") The Todd went into a kind of a crouch and backpeddaled away from me like a hermit crab in the middle of a seizure.

It's not that I don't appreciate genuine affection...but all this kissy-gropey-huggy business is ruining me for the real thing--sweet kisses from my Zachie, the scream and neck-strangle-hug from my MacLean, and the long-armed all-enveloping embrace of my dear husband. You know, the same one who's now flinching back protectively every time I walk by.

More organic coupons!

$5.00 in Cascadian Farms coupons when you sign up for their newsletter!

30% off Lane Bryant

Now through Sunday, you can take advantage of the Lane Bryant Friends and Family Sale, 30% off, baby!

30% off on Lucky Brand jeans...

...since your kids burned through all their new fall ensembles for the first week of school, this sale comes just in time. (It's times like these that make me grateful that I have kids in uniforms for school!) You can save 30% off everything* at Lucky Brand now through September 7th. Plus free shipping on all Lucky shoe orders! Shop online with code 9SEPFRND or in store with a copy of this COUPON.

Umi Shoes on sale!

These are amazing shoes for toddlers--especially when gravity is not quite your friend, it's nice to have some sturdy shoes. Cute, too! Umi shoes is offering a deal--now you can get 30% off plus free shipping on any order! Use code dailycandy30 at the checkout to get the savings. Valid thru September 3rd.

How about a backpack all pre-stocked with school stuff?

If you've got a Top Foods in your area, they've got a nice little offer this week: buy a back pack for $9.99 and it comes filled with school supplies (its a $21.00 deal!). Back packs come in Blue or Pink, and come filled with:
1" view binder
Top Flight filler paper 150 ct
Top Flight Notebook
Wood ruler
Academix pink erasers 2 pk
Academix pencil 10 ct
Academix Pencil Sharpner
Crayola Crayons 8 ct Go here for details.

Is your daughter traumatized by her lack of back to school fabulousness?

Justice for Girls has a pile of discounted fall stuff already, and here's a 40% off deal to make it easier. Go here and use code 779 at checkout to receive your 40% off!

Old Navy Weekly Site Navigation Clues

We've got a huge event coming up this week with our radio show, so I've not slept for like, three days. I passed out last night just before Old Navy updated, but there's still plenty of high-value coupons left.

$65 off $100 - Click on Wesley's picture in the bottom, to the left of where it says "Wesley's Winning Looks" - hearts will appear above the picture. Click on the first heart that appears (which is the biggest) - they will go fast!
$45 off $100 - Top left - Click on the necklace that the girl w/brown sweater is wearing. Then quickly click on the open compact she is holding in her hand.
$10 off $50 - On the bottom left, you will see a sign that says "Item of the week" - below that you will see a sign that changes and says "text updates" and "special offers". Click it when it says "special offers". A question will appear, asking what the item of the week was last week and click "cargo pants".
Buy men's & women's item, get 20% - Click on Kelly's blue & white sweater twice (on left side w/blonde hair)
15% off when you buy a men's item - In the upper right hand corner, take the red cube of chalk in the background and put it on the end of the tall cue stick on the right.
5% off when you buy any yellow item- Go to top middle picture and take the ketchup bottle and move it to the hot dog sign. Put the ketchup bottle on the hot dog.

Candy, one of my favorite budget fiends, is taking pity on us all and offering one of her $45.00 off $100.00 purchase coupons to give away. Just add yourself as a follower (it takes 2 minutes, I've timed it!) We'll give it away on Monday. Happy hunting!
As always, the Queen of the Blogosphere for all things Old Navy is Thrifty Northwest Mom, one of my most-admired women ever!

Free craft activity at Lakeshore!

Bring the kids to your local Lakeshore Learning Store Saturday to make this cute nameplate--I love this store, it's always cheaper. Thanks, One Cheap Chick!

Free Chocolate Friday!

Heard a rumor that the Mars Candy Company was going to discontinue this offer, so order your free candy coupons now:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

80% sale at is still on!

Scroll through the restaurants and pick up a $25.00 gift certificate for only $2.00! Be sure to check the rules and restrictions for each place before you buy. The Todd and I purchased $100.00 worth of gift certificates f0r $8.00! Sneaky inside tip: There was an online survey at checkout, I filled it out for a $10.00 credit and came out $2.00 ahead! Enter the code "taste" at checkout.

Saving money on meds

Mummy Deals has a great tutorial on saving money on medications--including scoring free antibiotics! Stop by and learn from The Master!

Plan-ahead Free-Bee

Your little ones can build this cute drum for free at Lowe's on Saturday, Sept. 12th--do sign up right away, the clinics fill up pretty fast. And print off your registration sheet and bring it with you to the clinic:

Insanely cheap Crocs! has a lot of models on sale, with buy one get one free. BUT you can get an additional 25% off with the code slx8797 and the shipping is free!! (If that code doesn’t work, try customerloyalty09 for 10% off) . You will never see these things on my feet--I think they make adults look like they're clopping around in clown shoes. But my twins live in them during summer, so you may as well save some money!

$5.00 off at Walgreen's, baby!

Just use this coupon by Saturday, 8.29:

Free business cards!

I'm a big fan of Vista Print, and I've circled like a vulture before until my six month waiting period was over to order free again. You can pick up 250 business cards for free! Plus, if you order $25.00 or more, there's free shipping. Vista Print prints up almost anything, tote bags, mugs, etc.

Wrangler fan?

Here's ten bucks off when you purchase two pair of Wrangler jeans:
Thanks, Moms By Heart!

$5.00 in free MP3 credits! is offering a $5.00 for MP3 downloads when you download the "Big Kahuna" game for free:

Insanely cheap kid's books

I'm a huge fan of supporting my local bookstore--"The King's English" here in Salt Lake City has an AMAZING kid's section! However, it's hard to argue with a book sale where your kid's favorite books are selling as low a $1.77. Books a Million has a great sale right now, FREE shipping if you spend $50 BKLVFREE. And for $10 off use code: BPAUG99UP.

Free mint lip balm

Look how crazy this little egg is! Free to the first 50,000 people.

50% off at Michael's

Just sign up for their newsletter and they'll send you a 50% off one item coupon--I'm a fiend for fall decor, so I've already got my wreath picked out.

Sneaky inside tip: If you haven't signed your kids up for the Knack Faculty yet, you're missing out. There's cute make and takes monthly at the store, online projects, AND another 50% coupon for signing up!

When you're just too tired to cook...'s $1.50 off the new Marie Callandar's entrees:

Here's another way to make some extra money... need to be prompt about returning surveys and reviews, but this is another one of the most reputable research companies to pay for your research work. Sneaky inside tip: Inbox Dollars sends a lot of emails, open another free email account, like I've suggested before to use for your online saving adventures:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Free PC tuneup from Staples!

If your poor little PC is sagging a bit in the speed and performance department, this offer from Staples should fix it. It's a free tuneup, and if your bring your PC into the store, you don't even pay shipping! Yay, you!

Yo Baby Meals

I wish we'd had these back when the twins were babies, Yo Baby came up with some yummy meals to go along with their organic product line. Here's some coupons to try it out:

Free-Bee Breakfast at Mimi's

Just join their email club here:

More back to school Free-Bees

Quality Health is offering a pile of free-bees to register on their site. There's lots of handy little doodads for back to school on the list.

Sneaky inside tip: I set up a free gmail account a long time ago for all the site registrations, newsletters, etc. That way, if you get a "bad egg," your regular accounts won't be buried in spam. The Todd set up one, too, but as "Servando Bulouski." It's highly entertaining to see the stream of mail and oddities that arrive for "Servando."

Free Victoria's Secret Travel Kit!

You can pick up this cute travel kit ($25.00 value) with any purchase at Victoria's Secret. I bought a couple of clips to make my bra straps stay up ($2.00) and snagged the travel kit for free!

$10.00 off at Areopostale!

If you're heading there anyway to pick up some jeans on sale, etc. this should come in handy: $10.00 off any $50.00 purchase.

Sneaky inside tip: A couple of girlfriends printed these off last night, and found out they can be scanned multiple times. Susan, who has 6 kids (Utah? Remember?) split up all her purchases into $50 chunks and ended up saving $100.00!