Friday, August 28, 2009

Old Navy Weekly Site Navigation Clues

We've got a huge event coming up this week with our radio show, so I've not slept for like, three days. I passed out last night just before Old Navy updated, but there's still plenty of high-value coupons left.

$65 off $100 - Click on Wesley's picture in the bottom, to the left of where it says "Wesley's Winning Looks" - hearts will appear above the picture. Click on the first heart that appears (which is the biggest) - they will go fast!
$45 off $100 - Top left - Click on the necklace that the girl w/brown sweater is wearing. Then quickly click on the open compact she is holding in her hand.
$10 off $50 - On the bottom left, you will see a sign that says "Item of the week" - below that you will see a sign that changes and says "text updates" and "special offers". Click it when it says "special offers". A question will appear, asking what the item of the week was last week and click "cargo pants".
Buy men's & women's item, get 20% - Click on Kelly's blue & white sweater twice (on left side w/blonde hair)
15% off when you buy a men's item - In the upper right hand corner, take the red cube of chalk in the background and put it on the end of the tall cue stick on the right.
5% off when you buy any yellow item- Go to top middle picture and take the ketchup bottle and move it to the hot dog sign. Put the ketchup bottle on the hot dog.

Candy, one of my favorite budget fiends, is taking pity on us all and offering one of her $45.00 off $100.00 purchase coupons to give away. Just add yourself as a follower (it takes 2 minutes, I've timed it!) We'll give it away on Monday. Happy hunting!
As always, the Queen of the Blogosphere for all things Old Navy is Thrifty Northwest Mom, one of my most-admired women ever!


  1. thanks for these clues,they are getting harder every week,these help!!thanks

  2. Alrighty, Erin ~ I'm following the blog now, too. I'm glad you willingly let me stock you! :D

  3. i'm already a follower...does that automatically put me in for the Old Navy drawing on monday?

  4. Yep, you're in, Rhonda!

  5. I am a follower and I am so thankful for these clues. I had all but given up on finding the coupons because I did not have the time to sit and click around. Thanks!