Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fight back at insane cereal prices!

"The Coupon Project" has a wonderful series of cereal coupons you can use at Safeway through the 31st (Monday.) Cereal prices have always outraged me since The Todd and I took a tour of a cereal plant when we were doing on-air endorsements for a particular brand. They cost SO little to make, and yet they're $5.00 a box! Outrageous! Anyway, stop by her blog to snap up some coupons and beat The Man at his own game.


  1. Thanks so much for referring to my post! You know what outrages me just as much as increased prices? Food shrinkage! I was a little bummed that all five boxes of my cereal could fit into ONE Safeway plastic bag!! AYE.

    Check out my Albertsons deals, too. You can score Post cereal for $0.50 each through Tuesday, too. These are both terrific stock-up deals. Since I started couponing, I realize that I won't spend more than $1 per box. You can easily do this by paying attention to store sales and using good ol' coupons!!

  2. Mind if I publish your comment? I really love your site!