Thursday, July 23, 2009

Disgusting Personal Habits of the Rich and Famous

After 20 years of interviewing celebrities, wanna-bes, and those painfully chipper First Season folks from any show on the WB, the only reason I have left to open the mike during a "celebrity" interview on our radio show is to ask my all time favorite question: "What is your most disgusting personal habit?" Mind you, there's no reason they should actually answer me, but they ALWAYS do. Maybe they're startled into it. Who knows? But the only two that ever blew off the question were (1) Mel Gibson, who spluttered "what the hell?" when asked, and (2) the Jonas Brothers, who after an appalled silence, flatly said "Uh, no." (Okay, fair enough kids, but you have GOT to loosen up or you'll never live long enough to see the far side of puberty.)

So, in no particular order of fame, here's my all time favorite answers:

Donny Osmond: "I like to lick the salt off of pretzels and then smell the wet pretzel surface."

Harry Connick Jr. "I can chew my own toenails off. I've never needed clippers."

Duane "The Rock" Johnson: "I make protein shakes and get excited to eat the powdery lumps at the bottom of the shake."

Bono from U2: "Is this an American thing? Will everyone ask this?"

Elton John: "I like to go into my closet and gloat over my selection of belts."

Chace Crawford: "I wear my lucky underwear on the first day of shooting, even if it's not clean."

Patrick (McDreamy) Dempsey: "When I plan for a long bike trip, I carbo load on Little Debbie Snack Cakes."

Sandra Bullock: "I prefer my beer warm and my bras cold, right out of the freezer."

Bill Murray: "I slather hair product into my chest hair to make it spikey."

The incredibly cool Harrison Ford: (short silence, then hesitantly spoken) "I like to sit in my favorite armchair in my boxers and drink warm cola."

Do I have the best job or WHAT?

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