Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Free-bee: tele-seminar on depression

We've had a chance to interview Dr. Judi Moore several times on our show--she's an extremely gifted doctor who's the co-author of Marie Osmond's book about her battle with depression. Dr. Judi's frustrated by the erroneous belief that A: you should just "snap out of it" if you're sunk into depression, or B: that you can drug it into submission. She's offering a FREE tele-seminar tonight at 7pm mdt called "Breaking the Cycle of Depression." You can listen in the privacy of your own home, ask questions or just listen. Go to http://www.vanguardcenter.com/ to sign up. They'll email you the number to call for the seminar. So many people battle depression without help, and often without hope. Learn a different way tonight.

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