Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Okay, I have to gloat...

Got a comment on Restaurant.com's 80% off sale...she gloated the she'd gotton $100.00 worth of gift certificates to La Caille, which is a fancy-schmancy 4 star restaraunt here in Salt Lake City for $8.00. "No freaking way!" I thought. Went on the site, did the same thing (remember to add "napkin" when it asks for your code and CLICK the button) and not only got the $100.00 worth of certificates for $8.00, but filled out a survey for a $10.00 credit for next time.

So...I just got dinner out AND $2.00 to boot! DO keep in mind that you need to read all of the fine print--each restaurant has slightly different requirements, but...Yay, me! And you! And all of us!


  1. That is amazing! My hubby just got laid off for the second time in the last six months, so we haven't been out on a date in a REALLY long time! We just logged on and got our gift certificates. Thanks so much Erin! You rock!!!

  2. Question...I was reading the requirements beside each restaurant description and many of them say, "Minimum $45 food purchase" or something similar which got me thinking, will the restaurants allow you to use more than one gift certificate at a time? Are you really getting a nearly free meal or spending $20 on a $45 meal? Not that that's a bad deal either...just curious. Do you know? Thanks for the awesome money-saving tips!