Saturday, July 25, 2009


$1.00 off the Hefty Extend Bags:
(Just a reminder, the milk, cheese and yogurt coupons I told you about Thursday are still up! Several of the girls used the same milk coupon and it scanned 75 cents off every gallon!)
Target's got some very nice coupons to download at
$1.00 off anything
$1.00 on Fuze Beverage (ooo! try the tropical fruit one, no carbs!)
$1.50 off Nestea beverage
$1.00 off 2 bic stationary pen packs
$5.00 off Hasbro games
(Editor's note: interesting side note that board game sales have shot up three THOUSAND percent this year. We're all staying home and canceling the expensive cable bills. The Todd and I are getting the twins into Scrabble--but they keep insisting on theme games, like "bloody words, words having to do with candy, terms that involve the word 'poop'...sigh. At least they're spelling, right?)

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