Friday, August 7, 2009

Another 80% sale from!

...They didn't tell me how long this one would last, so trot on over. Make sure to read the rules and restrictions for each restaurant. We just had a wonderful dinner with our friends at La Caille, a fancy-dancy restaurant with $100.00 in gift certificates we got for $8.00. I filled out a form at the end for a $10.00 credit and came out $2.00 ahead!


  1. how did you use more than 1? I thought you could only use one per party?

  2. We each paid seperately with one gift certificate...and that restaraunt required a $35.00 purchase per certificate. So, we ended up paying the $10.00 each and I think the overrun for tip was an additional $8.00. It's a little dorky to order seperate checks, but it was worth it for that deal!