Monday, August 3, 2009

Living Green and Loving It! Part 3,006

The Aphid Association of North America apparently held a convention this spring and decided to congregate permanently on our roses and honeysuckle. Rather than coat everything in poison, I bought 16 packets of ladybugs (Editor's note: for the unitiated, that's about 6 million of the little fellas) and spread them around the yard...where they immediately decided to Rip Van Winkle their way through the entire summer.
We were holding a dinner party last night and while rushing around to get everything ready, my twins caught me in the backyard, screaming at the ladybugs to "get off your fat spotted butts and get some work done!" "Way to show the ladybugs who's boss, Mom." jeered my Zachie. So I turned the hose on him.
Okay, not my best moment. I'll take him swimming or something today to make up for it. Still not sure how to apologize to the ladybugs.

1 comment:

  1. You could tell them that you didn't mean it and that they have perfectly lovely, tiny, perky little butts. That might help.

    Or you could just turn the hose on them.