Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More Organic Deals...

...from Annie's Homegrown. You'll get a free calendar and lots of coupons for organic products. This is the entire reason I started coupon-clipping--organics are so blasted expensive!

Here's $3.50 in GreenWorks coupons, they're non-toxic cleaners that actually do a pretty good job...unlike my lazy ladybugs! (Editor's note: see "Living Green" post below. Not that I'm bitter. Nor do I yell at insects. Really.)

There is a new $1.50/2 boxes of Kashi cereal coupon here. Combine that with 2 of the Target $1/1 Kashi cereal coupons here (if your Target allows you to use multiple Target coupons in one transaction) and you'll get $1.75 off each box of cereal making for a pretty good deal on Kashi cereals.
There is also a new $1/2 boxes of TLC Chewy Granola Bars coupon here which you can stack with the $0.50/2 Target coupon here Thanks, Money Saving Mom!

Free organic pet food! (Editor's note: this is a new product for me, since we don't have pets. Will someone let me know how it goes for you? They've got some good offers coming up that I'd like to promote if this is a good one. Thanks!)

$1.00 coupons for "Rice Dream" ice cream bars:

The Thrifty Mama's got a whole slew of lovely deals for Whole Foods, check here:

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