Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rite Aid coupons are back...

Here's your $5.00 for $25.00 purchase coupon: http://content.riteaid.com/rabrand/email_coupon_4G.pdf
...and if you've got Diet Coke heads in the house, print off the $2.00 Coke coupon, too: http://print.coupons.com/couponweb/Offers.aspx?pid=13306&zid=iq37&nid=10&bid=alk08161408007c4ee061a4115

$5.00 off Coppertone Nutrashield...let this one refresh and you can print two! http://www.coppertone.com/coppertone/index.jsp

(Editor's note: if you have the attention span to do rebate programs, Rite Aid has one of the best. It's fairly simple, and you just need the patience to wait 6-8 weeks for rebate checks. I never complain about getting checks in the mail...) Click here to sign up: https://riteaid.rebateplus.com/default.asp?jse=yes

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