Friday, July 17, 2009

Old Navy Weekly Site Navigation Clues!

Old Navy Weekly updated for this week already, I always practice the "big ones," because sometimes they reset girlfriend Janell picked up a $75.00 one mid-week!

$75 off $100 - Bottom right picture with the 3 kids--wait around 60 seconds after the page loads (or you refresh the page) and wait for the apple in the middle child's hand to shake--click on it as soon as it starts to shake and before it falls for the $75 off coupon
$50 off $100 - Grab the apple (from girl in bottom right picture) and put it by the boy in top right picture--on the left side of his golf club at the bottom. Then click on the golf club and it will swing and hit the apple for the $50 off
$15 off $75 - This is located in the video--the location can vary, so you'll want to click various spots where you see the cursor change from the arrow symbol to the hand symbol.
25% off - Top left box with 2 girls, Kimmy & Natalie-Click on the hair bun of girl in pink shirt. A question will pop up. Who is Kimmy's BFF? The answers is "Natalie"
20% off with 2 jeans - Top left box with 2 girls, Girl in pink with bun-take the pencil in her hand and move it to the bag of the girl in the bottom left picture (she's in pink)-stick the pencil in the bag.
15% off - Far right, take the black and white striped scarf and drag it up to the supermodelquin's head directly above the scarfs to put it on her. You'll need to put it up rather high on her face for it to stay on her.

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