Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wonderful Giveaway This Week!

I still remember trying to get pregnant with my boys...The Todd and I married when I was 32, and I counted down the odds for 30+ mothers obsessively, holding on to that percentage that got lucky. I suspect that's how Autism Moms feel when they read Leeann's beautiful book about her little man, Clay.

Imagine watching your child go through all the milestones, right on time, then one day...he just slips away. Some Autism Moms told me it was so fast that they "didn't have time to say goodbye." Your child stops looking at you, answering to his name, laughing, smiling, talking. Leeann lived through this and dragged Clay back into the world from the black tunnel that is autism. You want to cry? Be inspired? Feel hope again for whatever it is you face with your children? Read this book. I love Leeann for the hope she gave us all.

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