Monday, September 7, 2009

Halloween Fiends? This is for you!

I'm sorry, but since this blog is only a couple of months old, you haven't heard yet about my filthy love of all things Fall and Halloween. Unfortunately, I can't control myself, so please bear with me. If you're like me, I'm about to become your new best friend through the next few months. is offering a special deal every weekday right now where you find 5 costumes for under $5!! They will offer 5 new costumes each weekday, Monday thru Friday, starting at 9am CDT (7am PST/10am EST). Sneaky inside tip: they offer only 5 costumes for less than $5 AND there's a limited amount available daily. Make sure you check each morning to see what they have available that day! Go HERE to see the $5 costumes!

Apparently, once the Five Dollar beauties are gone, they're gone. By the way, these costumes show retail prices from $39.99 - $219.99, so you're picking up an amazing bargain if you catch them on the five dollar page!
Thanks to my favorite Halloween Internet Fiend: Marcus!


  1. Forget being regular old cool, I now worship the ground you walk on! My husband and I are fellow Halloween freaks, with our children following close behind. We will so be checking this out every day to see what treats they have! Thank you a bazillion times!!

  2. Yeee! Another fiend! I started decorating for Halloween yesterday! The Todd walked in and said "oh, good. The Goths have movedin"

  3. Hahaha, that is awesome! They had a really cool pirate ghost one today, but alas, I was a slave to the man and had to work, so by the time I got off work it was sold out :( Oh well, there is always tomorrow!

  4. I know, can you believe that thing was $220.00 retail? I'm so ticked! I checked in 30 minutes after they put up the deals and they were already sold out. I'm hovering tomorrow.