Saturday, September 19, 2009

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Hey, you know all those amazing women who have coupons for everything in their basket? Have never spent more than 30 cents for an article of clothing? Can make a 16 foot Christmas Tree out of dryer lint and elbow grease?
I am SO not one of those women. (This is not new information to anyone who knows me.) But what I DO have are two things: an increasingly expensive family and an increasingly dwindling income. So I am getting off my slacker fanny and figuring out the whole budget thingie.
If you already have your coupons beautifully alphabetized in your color-coordinated folder, you’ll find plenty of goodies here. If you’re shoving them in your glove box and patting yourself on the back if you remember to bring your reusable bags into the store (autobiographical, that!) there’s lots for you, too.
The ONE really great thing I have to offer? The Sneaky Inside Tip: Since The Todd and I have our own morning radio show, I often hear of deals and discounts early. Or maybe one of our clients wants to send the love your way. Or maybe I tried something out first and really messed it up so I know what worked and what didn’t (also, autobiographical.) But the end goal is the same: finding you ways to save money, save time, find some balance, and maybe even live a little more luxuriously than you might have before.
That’s a GOOD goal!
If you’re looking to make money to help out your dwindling paycheck, you’ll find some options here! I try to post only what I know is authentic and reputable. Click onto “Surveys and Reviews 4 Profit” for more information.
Um, they said I had to have a bio. Here goes…
I tricked the world’s most amazing man into marrying me. We have glorious twin boys who are long and gangly, just like their daddy. I’ve never eaten a birthday cake I didn’t like. I spend most of my waking hours trying to be ingratiating enough to keep people listening to our radio show–we’re “Todd and Erin” on B98.7 in Salt Lake City. You can also check out toddanderin on Facebook and ToddandErin on Twitter. Same great taste, less filling.
Seriously! Head over!!

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