Thursday, September 3, 2009

Office Max, I SHUN you!!!!

I posted a great deal from Office Max about three weeks ago, about a pretty computer armoire on sale for $29.00, down from $250.00. Yow! Except...they happily took my money, said that it was backordered and they'd contact me when it was ready to ship. Three weeks later, I get this cheesy email:

"Dear OfficeMax Customer, Please accept this letter as a cancel confirmation for item number 21203975 on order 583011689. This cancellation is the result of depleting inventory of a clearance priced item on our website. As this was clearly marked ''While Supplies Last'' and "Clearance" we have cancelled all orders that we do not have stock to fulfill the order. We truly apologize for this inconvenience and hope it has not caused you undue hardship. If you have questions about this canceled item please phone us at 1-877-OfficeMax. We value your business and hope to see you back at"

No...I don't think you'll be seeing me again. Seriously, that's SO sleazy! If you advertise, good business sense dictates that you fufill orders you took money for. I apologize too, to anyone who took this deal off the blog and wasted their money and time.

That does it. Office Max, I shun you.


  1. My mother in law and I did this deal. She was able to get her's and they cancelled mine. I was pretty upset!!!

  2. You're right, that IS sleazy. I too, would shun them.


  3. Did they automatically refund your money or do you get an in-store or online credit? That's crappy! Sorry!

  4. I checked my bank account and the money hasn't shown up yet. Think about how much they made in interest on all those orders that they knew they weren't going to fill. They were allowed to hold all of our money for THREE WEEKS. That's a lot of interest.

  5. Eww, that sucks! One would think that once they were out of stock they would no longer accept orders for it. Did you call the number to rip them a new hole? You should inform them your faithful followers will be boycotting them from now on unless they earn some major suck up points ;)

  6. They did the same thing to me too! Very disappointing.