Thursday, September 3, 2009

Old Navy site navigation answers!

Old Navy Weekly, the most diabolical site in history, updated with some new offers this week. The $65.00 offer is new and generous. It's already out, but there's plenty of bargains left. Sneaky inside tip: several of the most savvy girlies practice the "big ones," because Old Navy often resets in the middle of the week. Just to mess with us. I've gotten gloating emails from at least 16 friends and followers who snapped up the coupons after the initial rush. Happy hunting!

$65 off $100 - GONE - Top left, Click on the necklace that the girl with brown sweater is wearing. Then quickly click on the open compact she is holding in her hand.

$45 off $100 - GONE - Click on Wesley's picture in the bottom, to the left of where it says "Wesley's Winning Looks" - hearts will appear above the picture. Click on the first heart that appears (which is the biggest) - they will go fast!

$10 off $50 - Go to top middle picture and take ketchup bottle and move it to the hot dog sign. Put the ketchup bottle on the hot dog.

20% off when you buy a men's and women's item - Click on the striped shirt of the guy on the left.

15% off when you buy any men's item - In the upper right hand corner, take the red cube of chalk in the background and put it on the end of the tall cue stick on the right.

5% off with yellow item - Click on the black/orange/grey striped shirt in the bottom picture

Once again, thanks to Thrifty Northwest Mom, who does all the work so we can save!

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